Keynote Speakers

Prof. Akira Kondo/ Osaka University, Japan

Prof. Kondo Akira was graduated from Faculty Engineering, Osaka University in 1982 and from Graduated School of Engineering, Osaka University in 1984. After that, he had worked in Matsushita Electric Industry (Panasonic) for 5 years. From 1989, he has been working in Osaka University as an assistant professor, associated professor and professor. He received PhD in 1999 and its thesis is “Study on development of numerical simulation model in order to mitigate urban atmospheric environment”. He is researching on the environmental dynamics modeling in the wide ranges from global scale to indoor scale. Moreover he carried out the joint researches in South-East Asia; Nepal, Indonesia, Korea, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Throughout these researches, he received the best paper award from The Society of Heating, Air Conditioning and Sanitary Engineering of Japan in 2010 and received the best paper award from the Society of Environmental Science of Japan in 2012 and received the best academic award from Atmospheric Environmental Society of Japan in 2015. He is also the author of more than 90 peer-reviewed articles including articles written in Japanese, and 80 international conference papers with limited peer review.


Prof. Kokyo Oh/ Center for Environmental Science in Saitama, Japan

Prof. Dr. Kokyo Oh is a senior researcher in Center for Environmental Science in Saitama, Japan. He obtained Ph.D. degree (soil science) in 1995, and was honored as a research fellow by Japan Science and Technology Agency (STA) from 1997 to 1999. His research areas include soil science, environmental conservation, environmental chemistry and biology, and environmental agronomy. He has published more than 200 major academic papers, has presided over and participated in more than 100 scientific research fund projects, and has been invited to be the chairman of more than 20 international conferences.




Prof. Satoshi Soda/ Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Prof. Satoshi Soda was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1972. Awarded MSc and PhD in Engineering from Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of engineering, Osaka University in 1997 and 1999, respectively. Assistant Professor of Department of Global Architecture (1999-2008), and Associate Professor of Department of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, (2008-2017), Graduate School of engineering, Osaka University.
Professor at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, Japan since 2017, and Associate Fellow of Ritsumeikan Advanced Research Academy since 2022.
The research focuses on wastewater treatment using bacteria and aquatic plants. Recent challenging topics are (1) nitrogen removal from domestic wastewater using simultaneous heterotrophic denitrification and anammox, (2) activated sludge for excess sludge reducing using earthworms, (3) algal-bacterial system for removing LAS and methyl paraben, (4) trickling filters followed by constructed wetlands with edible plants, (5) constructed wetlands for removing azo dyes from Batik wastewater, (6) constructed wetlands for mine drainage treatment in Japan, (7) bioreactors for removing of antimony from wastewater, (8) growing eelgrass using magnesium ammonium phosphate recovered from sewage, (9) methane recovery from rubber seed residue by anaerobic digestion, and (10) Monitoring of seasonal change of algae and bacteria populations in an inner lake of Lake Biwa.